What is Radian?


what is radian2

Radian is a company that has developed a cost-effective GPS tracking technology, which takes the movement data reported by assets and turns that data into valuable information. The device automatically transmits location data of the asset and notifies stakeholders when the unit moves outside established geo-fences. Radian’s analytic platform takes this information and organizes it so that it can be used to promote production efficiencies, save financing costs, and enhance asset security. This technology can be used to manage assets across North America and over 130 countries worldwide, making it a truly global solution. Radian’s proprietary hardware and user interface will deliver manufacturers, financiers and dealers an array of management analytics that can be used to run a more profitable business. Radian has finally managed to break the price barrier that long stood in the way of implementing modern day, machine-to-machine (M2M) reporting solutions for manufacturers of highly mobile assets. Radian is improving the way manufacturers and dealers of high value assets manage their field inventory to create greater returns for their businesses.