Radian is for real

The team of experts assembled at Radian reads like a Who’s Who of industry specialists and technical experts. By combining the unique perspectives of everyone involved, Radian is assured of delivering the most cost-effective Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solution to managers of high value asset lines of business. Initially, Radian will focus on the Marine Industry due to the industry knowledge of its founders. Radian will then utilize the backbone of the solutions developed for the marine industry to transition smoothly into the RV industry, Powersports industry and other high value asset lines of businesses. The Radian executive team provides the perfect blend of industry leaders who know what information is critical to managing field inventory and seasoned technology business-builders focused on commercializing emerging M2M applications. This team is improving the way manufacturers manage their field inventory to create greater value in their business. In today’s world, no other company is as well-positioned as Radian to deliver asset management and associated analytics at such low costs.