Radian Delivers Keen Insight


Radian’s Machine-to-Machine (M2M) interface provides a cascade of benefits throughout the asset’s life. Imagine the savings that flow from production scheduling that most closely approximates what’s selling in the field. Each day, manufacturers will know what models, engines, and options are selling fastest; allowing them to build what’s selling, instead of what’s easiest to build. Radian will help manufacturers pull more and push less, so they save money on inventory carrying-costs while reducing obsolescence. The technology also makes significant savings in floorplan financing possible, by establishing the date the asset left the geo-fence as the final day of qualification for the free financing funded by the manufacturer. And with Radian’s analytics, sales managers can determine which models are turning slowly and take proactive measures to help those units sell, before they require deep discounting.

Commercial finance providers will also benefit from Radian’s asset management capabilities. Since Radian-equipped assets automatically report their location daily, commercial lenders don’t have to rely on conducting physical inventories to secure their investment. As assets enter and leave the assigned geo-fence, the Radian device keeps a log of locations, so the manufacturer and commercial lender know where the asset is located at all times. Commercial lenders will also be able to verify that units appearing outside the dealer’s geo-fence for 5 days in a row have been paid-in-full. Early detection of unpaid assets leaving a dealer’s premises would uncover out-of-trust situations sooner than the finance institutions’ floor-checkers would otherwise discover.