Company Founders

Two former Marine industry executives and two of the leading pioneers in the M2M industry have joined forces to form Radian. Scott Crutchfield, a former owner of MasterCraft Boats, and Parker Stair, former VP of Sales and Marketing at MasterCraft, are seasoned industry experts who understand the unique floorplanning and inventory management issues experienced by manufacturers of high value assets. Brian Boling is the founder and former CEO of Spireon Inc., one of the leading Machine-to-Machine (M2M) service companies in the USA. William Cheney is the former Chief Financial Officer for Spireon Inc., and founder of Syslocate, one of the leading companies in the Vehicle Finance M2M space. Both Brian and Bill bring over 30 years experience in innovation and technology to Radian. Brian has been instrumental in building one of the few mobile resource management companies, which has proven success in multiple M2M market segments. Bill contributes his strong financial background and broad knowledge of administrative systems to help Radian quickly scale while sustaining growth and profitability. The Radian executive team offers a unique ability to develop cost-effective solutions, and quickly reach the decision-makers who have the power to make those solutions a reality. This team is poised to improve the way manufacturers of high value assets manage their field inventory to create greater value in their business.

Founder Bios

CEO – Scott Crutchfield is a respected marine industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in product development, sales and marketing for such companies as Yamaha, Donzi, Ski Supreme, Malibu and of course, MasterCraft. As a former owner and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of MasterCraft Boats, Scott has been acknowledged as the driving force behind MasterCraft’s rapid product innovation since 1997 and the builder of one of the strongest marine dealer networks in the industry. Scott pioneered the first scheduling matrix that allowed dealers to compete for priority in production scheduling. This online system provided the factory with a clear view of demand months, into the future. He is considered a visionary leader and strategic thinker with a strong track record of success. Scott holds a degree in Business from Northern Oklahoma College.

COO – Brian Boling is the founder and former CEO of Spireon Inc., one of the leading M2M service companies in the USA. This visionary leader founded Procon Inc., the parent company of Spireon, in late 2002 where it quickly became an early industry pioneer. The company rapidly became the leader in the sub-prime automotive industry and the fastest growing small fleet solutions group. In 2011, ProconGPS merged with Enfotrace and Procon Fleet Services to form Spireon, Inc. Prior to Spireon, Boling was the Senior Vice President and General Manager of New Business at Philips Consumer Electronics Company. While at Philips, Boling managed the High Frequency Business Share in Singapore, and engineered a successful turn-around that involved significant labor relation challenges in Western Europe. Following this assignment, he returned to the USA to lead the new business efforts for Philips Consumer Electronics. Brian has an MBA from the University of Tennessee.

CFO – William Cheney is a pioneer in the M2M space and former Chief Financial Officer for Spireon Inc. Prior to Spireon, Bill was a founder of Syslocate, one of the leading companies in the Vehicle Finance M2M space before being acquired by Spireon. Bill also spent many years as an executive at Qualcomm in the financial management group. As both a nuclear engineer and finance professional, Bill is one of the rare entrepreneurs that is able to guide and participate in programs and management throughout the value chain with a specialty in administrative systems. These systems are unique and critical success factors to M2M companies and their ability to scale and sustain growth and profitability. Bill is a graduate of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD and holds an MBA from Stanford University.

President – Parker Stair is a former stockholder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MasterCraft Boats. Radian’s reporting capabilities were born from the real life challenges experienced managing MasterCraft’s field inventory around the world. As the manager of the retail pipeline for MasterCraft, Parker was responsible for establishing MasterCraft’s sales programs to assure balanced production for the factory. Lagging retail sales data and inaccurate reporting of dealer inventory made production scheduling an art rather than the science it should be. Parker joined MasterCraft in 2003 after an 18-year career in marketing and broadcast media where he performed work for a wide variety of marine and RV related manufacturers. Parker holds a BS degree in Business from The University of Tennessee.