Analytics Updated Daily


CEO’s hear a lot about the importance of “Big Data”. Radian’s solution builds the customized data needed on assets, and breaks it down into actionable information. Daily analytics will greatly improve production efficiencies and overall profitability. Manufacturers will be able to (a) know the model year and model designation of every unit in dealer inventory; (b) track in-transit inventory, and (c) know when unsold inventory has moved outside the dealers geo-fence. The serial number and location data of each unit is compared to the previously known data and aggregated with data from other assets. Based on the analytics desired by each customer, the data is presented in easy-to-understand dashboards and exception reports. This information is updated daily, thereby eliminating the long lag of uncertainty that is usually associated with understanding the composition of field inventory. Stakeholders can select various geographic boundaries to take a closer look into the inventory composition of a given country, sales territory, state or individual dealer. Custom analytics can be developed as requested by stakeholders.

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